What We Do

No matter when, how, or who you lost, we provide an environment and resources to help you in your grief journey. Our programs and services range from one-to-one support sessions to 8-week support groups and are based on the peer-to-peer support model in which individuals with similar experiences share their stories, provide support and inspire hope.

We are a community that has the courage to share and explore grief, and to be a beacon of hope for the future.

We travel the road together. We help the healing begin.

Initial Support

1-to-1 initial support sessions with trained volunteers

Support Groups

Drop-in groups and 8-week closed programs

Initial Support
Support Groups

It took a long time for me to be ready for help, but when I was, BFO-Toronto was there for me. The people and stories helped me find a healthy perspective and taught me how to cope with my new life.

Matt S.

The BFO Spousal Loss Group provides a gay positive space where I can process, share and learn from the experiences of my “grief buddies”.

Suza S.

There were laughs, tears, new perspectives. The peer-to-peer support method really helped. I’ve even made some friends in grief.

Ryan H.

In summer 2022, I was enrolled in a BFO group which absolutely helped save my life. The volunteers were warm, relatable, and compassionate, and the group consisted of lovely people, each with a unique experience but brought together united by the love we harboured, and the great loss we experienced.

Moody Sh.


Citywide Commons

BFO-Toronto is a member of the Citywide Commons where we build community, make connections, and provide a wide variety of supports. Join us at 355 Church Street.

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