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Evergreen’s first ever Good Mourning Festival will take place over two days – November 4 and 5. Day 1 is a NEW event at the Brick Works titled Together in Grief and Day 2 is our annual Day of the Dead Celebration. BFO-Toronto is collaborating with Evergreen Brick Works for Day 1: Together in Grief and will offer one on one support conversations with event attendees. If you are interested in being a Volunteer Facilitator for the event please fill out the following form: Click Here.

Day 1: Together in Grief

On November 4, together, we will demonstrate the role of public space in public grief. We invite our visitors to explore the universal themes of grief and death with open hearts and open minds. The day offers a warm embrace, featuring interactive installations that invite you to engage, workshops that encourage meaningful conversations and art pieces that celebrate the human experience.

Come and be part of this inviting space where you can connect with others, share your stories and find comfort in the shared journey of life and loss. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all, as we come together to explore these profound aspects of our existence in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, fostering understanding and connection.

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