When Two Become One: A Widow’s Guidebook

Created by The Farwell Group – Scotia Wealth Management

The Widow’s Guidebook was designed to give widows hope, strength and a few simple tools to help with the transition from being a spouse to having to look after a lot of things on your own.

Darren Farwell
Senior Wealth Advisor
Portfolio Manager

The Farwell Group - Scotia Wealth Management Team Photo

When Two Become One: A Widow’s Guidebook Interview with BFO – Toronto and Darren Farwell

Join our conversation with Darren Farwell of Scotia Wealth Management Farwell Group about the Widows Guidebook, a resource that he, his team, and the Financial Transitionist Institute created to help widows navigate grief and finances. In this interview, Taya Mikado (BFO-T Communications Lead) and Ashley Mathew (BFO-T Resident Social Worker and Special Projects Coordinator) ask Darren a variety of questions from what inspired the workbook to how people can prepare for widowhood.

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