Here is a small taste of Dr. Moore’s speech. For the full speech, please visit our YouTube page!

On June 15th 2022, BFO-Toronto held its first in-person event since before the pandemic began. We held a Garden Party for more than 60 professionals from within the funeral industry to recognize them for their outstanding commitment through the last two and a half years. Above all else, the individual, organizational and societal isolation highlighted the importance of working together. BFO-Toronto strives to support the bereaved in our City through working with others across the bereavement sector. 

We were delighted to have Dr. Kieren Moore present as our special guest, recognizing and acknowledging the extraordinary work done by both professionals and volunteers over the past two years.

If you missed the opportunity to connect, it isn’t too late. Please contact Meredith at to discuss how we can best serve Toronto’s bereaved individuals and families.

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